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  • Tehničku podršku možete dobiti radnim danom od 8h do 16h, na telefon:
    +381 11 222 39 86.


The Customer can direct all complaints regarding the purchase of ski pass at 011/311-79-01, or at e-mail address

In the event that the Customer has paid for the ski pass by a bank card and has received a confirmation e-mail that his bank account is debited by the amount of purchase, and he is not allowed to take over the ski pass in the stipulated time, the Customer may lodge his complaint directly in the headquarters of the PE "Ski Resorts of Serbia", Milutina Milankovica 9, Belgrade or at a sales office. When lodging a complaint, he should submit printed e-mail with a report of payment and bank statement in which the transaction is recorded. Upon receipt of the complaint, the PE "Ski Resorts of Serbia" shall inform the Customer on the decision upon this complaint as soon as possible. The PE "Ski Resorts of Serbia" shall respond to all other Customer complaints within the statutory deadline for resolving complaints. Depending on the subject of the complaint, at the request of the PE "Ski Resorts of Serbia", the Customer is required to submit the receipt that received with the ski pass.

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